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Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels
P.O. Box 264
Clifton, TX 76634


Pet of the Month
Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix

Look into my eyes, don't you see love? I'm Andy and about 18 months old. I do very well on a leash, and am an incredibly happy boy! Not sure why my past owners didn't want me, but, I am ready to put that behind me. I am now looking for the right family where I will be loved and part of your home. For more information on me contact or 254-675-0089.

The Story of Missing Snowball
In early January 2014 Snowball was adopted to a home in Valley Mills. Immediately upon arrival he got away from his adopter. This is the story of two dedicated and persistent volunteers rescuing the dog they had grown to love.

Snowball is what we would classify as a special needs dog. He is under-socialized and is very frightened all the time. At the kennels he interacts with the dogs well but does not take treats from kennel volunteers and is terrified if they try to pet him. Enter Lisa and Will. They take a special interest in Snowball and take him home to improve his social skills and are successful at slow progress. On January 6th Snowball leaves the kennel and right away gets away from his adopter, running away into the woods outside Valley Mills. On the 8th Will and Lisa learn of Snowballs escape and realize how he will react- to RUN. For a week they search without seeing him although neighbors had seen him briefly. Each day they went back to search and finally on the 14th they saw him a few times but Snowball evaded them. He is on the run and does not want contact with any people, even his friends Lisa and Will. Still they persevere. They put out a dog house with food, water, and Lisa’s sox and blanket inside. These are favorites of Snowball’s; while at their house he takes her sox and ponytail holders back to his bed. The next day, the 15th, there is evidence he has been in the house so they are encouraged. After an unsuccessful day they have seen him but cannot get him to come to them.

As they are leaving, a neighbor who is helping keep an eye out for Snowball, sees him walking down the street as they are driving away. This is excellent news and the next day they put a live trap out for him. He is too smart for this and turns it over in order to get the food so they have to use a kennel like the one he uses while at Lisa and Will’s house. They are within 10 feet of Snowball but he will not come to them!!

After one week of searching their persistence pays off. On Thursday January 17th Will dresses in camo and tells Lisa to drive away. Snowball goes out to follow her then goes to the kennel where Will is waiting dressed like a tree. Snowball enters the kennel and Will closes the door; he is finally safe! Snowball had been hiding in the woods for 11 days, avoiding people, even the ones he is closest to.

Since his rescue he has been living with Will and Lisa and they report that he likes to walk on a leash, he will eat out of their hands, and loves to have his hair brushed by either of them. He is fitting in with their pack and has found his forever home.

BARK 10th Birthday Bash Recap
Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels (B.A.R.K) is celebrating its 10th year of operation, and thanks Bosque County and citizens beyond for the support they've shown over the years. B.A.R.K has had 137 adoptions in 2013 - another reason to celebrate.

B.A.R.K. held a groundbreaking ceremony for our new isolation kennel for which we have received a generous donation from a Bosque County benefactor that will cover the cost of the building excluding a cement slab. B.A.R.K is conducting a capital campaign for this project that will be completed in the next 12 months. See More Photos

Mail Donations To:
Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels
P.O. Box 264, Clifton, TX 76634

You may honor the memory of an animal lover in your life through a donation to B.A.R.K. An acknowledgement will be sent to the family. It is also a perfect way to remember a birthday, anniversary, or achievement for the person who "has everything." Please consider these options when you need a gift or remembrance.

Mail Donations To:
Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels
P.O. Box 264
Clifton, TX 76634

Or Donate Online

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