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Welcome to Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels 


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BARK Loves Dogs! 

Our mission at BARK is to provide a safe and loving temporary shelter for animals in Bosque County that are lost, abandoned or abused. Lost animals will be returned to their owners; all others will receive a health checkup, recommended shots, be spayed or neutered, and placed in a permanent loving home. 


Our Goal at BARK Rescue 

Our goal is saving lives through adoptions, transporting to other rescue groups, and finding dogs suitable for service work. BARK works to diminish suffering from emotional and physical neglect or abuse by showing love for these deserving creatures and encouraging their self confidence. BARK promotes spay and neuter to reduce pet overpopulation, and provides spay and neuter solutions to pet owners with limited finances. We encourage compassion for all animals, promote responsible pet ownership, and strive to educate everyone we come in contact with about the gift of animals from our Creator. 

We Are So Thankful! 

Thanks to our supporting donors, the Isolation Building for the new, injured or sick dogs was completed in 2016. The facility will allow time to evaluate health of new dogs before introducing them into the main unit, as well as providing an area for injured or sick dogs to be treated or recuperate.

BARK Rescue

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