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Personal Pet Release Form

Owner Information
Phone and Email

I shall not hold Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels liable or responsible for any and all claims of damages of every kind, injury or sickness to any personal animal voluntarily exposed or interacted with by another personal, nonBARK and or ANY BARK dog and is responsible for their animal at all times while on the property.

All animals must have current vaccinations and a record must be given to the kennel to keep on file.

Under this agreement, all approvals are from BARK Board of Directors and or manager of where and when the animal is allowed on the property. Under no circumstance can the animal occupy a yard or kennel without approval. Under no circumstance can the animal be in contact with any other animal on BARK property without approval.

A text and claim form must be filled out of any injury or illness and must be made at the time of incident then reported immediately to the Board of Directors and kennel manager. Claim forms are located in Isolation Cabinet forms cabinet. Emergency numbers are listed in the offices at the kennel.

Under this agreement, in the case of a medical emergency or situation you allow BARK volunteers and contractors to care, give medical attention or approve vet care of this animal. The Person/Owner is responsible for any treatment or aid from BARK reps/volunteers given to that animal. BARK is not taking responsibility of the animal by giving any treatment or vet care to this animal. They are simply making sure the animal is in the best health while occupying BARK property.

The person/owner also agrees that BARK resources are not to be used or even their animal without approval. Examples (food, treats, medicine, supplies).

By clicking the "Submit" button I am agreeing to the terms of this agreement.