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Meet Our Dogs


Use this function to search for your new furry family member.


You may use the filter box to search for any piece of information you are looking for. Our powerful search engine will search all data in all columns as well as the rest of the data in the entire dog database.

You can also click on any column heading to display records according to that specific column.  If you click on the column heading a second time you will see the data is reversed.

Thank you for allowing us to help you in your search.

Picture 1 Name
15390998101548072454572922680912999973102881nsmall15.jpg Ammo
barbasmall11.jpeg Barba
brute.png Brute
charliesmall9.jpeg Charlie
coppersmall9.jpeg Copper
daisysmall9.jpeg Daisy
dottysmall9.jpeg Dotty
esmeraldasmall9.jpeg Esmeralda
iceesmall9.jpeg Icee
img2721small9.jpeg Cassie
img3311small9.jpeg Ariewl
img3313small11.jpeg Hercules
img3314small9.jpeg Frodo
img3315small9.jpeg Rocket
img3316small9.jpeg Juno
img3718small9.jpeg Lizzie
jonjonsmall9.jpeg Jopn Jon
lillysmall9.jpeg Lilly
mulansmall11.jpeg Mulan
peppesmall9.jpeg Peppe