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Welcome to Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels  


BARK Loves Dogs! 

Our mission at BARK is to provide a safe and loving temporary shelter for animals in Bosque County that are lost, abandoned or abused. Lost animals will be returned to their owners; all others will receive a health checkup, recommended shots, be spayed or neutered, and placed in a permanent loving home.  

Our Goal at BARK Rescue 

Our goal is saving lives through adoptions, transporting to other rescue groups, and finding dogs suitable for service work. BARK works to diminish suffering from emotional and physical neglect or abuse by showing love for these deserving creatures and encouraging their self confidence. BARK promotes spay and neuter to reduce pet overpopulation, and provides spay and neuter solutions to pet owners with limited finances. We encourage compassion for all animals, promote responsible pet ownership, and strive to educate everyone we come in contact with about the gift of animals from our Creator.   

We Are So Thankful! 


Meet Our Dogs 

You may use the filter box to search for any piece of information you are looking for. Our powerful search engine will search all data in all columns as well as the rest of the data in the entire dog database.

You can also click on any column heading to display records according to that specific column.  If you click on the column heading a second time you will see the data is reversed.

Thank you for allowing us to help you in your search.

Picture1 Name Sex Size Breed Special Comments
anna.jpg Click Picture for details Anna F Medium Mixed Breed Sweet heart all around great dog. Loves to play fetch and run!
autumn.jpg Click Picture for details Autumn F Medium Mixed Breed Love walks, treats, good and gentle on a leash. Knows commands: sit, lay down, up and stay!
belle.jpg Click Picture for details Belle F Medium Mixed Breed Belle is sisters to Aurora. She is very active and would be a wonderful family dog. She is sweet and playful.
Click Picture for details Betty Bo F Medium Mixed Breed Very sweet, loves everyone! Puppy friendly, energetic and submissive.
Click Picture for details Buddy M Large Mixed Breed Buddy came in with Little Bit as owner dogs. Buddy loves to be groomed. Timid at first, but warms up with one-on-one contact.
0d8de997cc501bf3914bc16f35b5df16_cassie.jpg Click Picture for details Cassie F Medium Mixed Breed Heeler mix Found roaming the streets of Walnut Springs. Very anxious in cars. House trained and dog door trained. LOVES water!\n\nBehavior: Very distant and has trouble coming to you or getting close to you. \n
champ.jpg Click Picture for details Champ M Medium Mixed Breed Champ loves people. He would do better in a home with older children and match with a female dog better than a male dog. Can get very attached to you!
/home/brucedil/public_html/barkrescue/_empty_//daisysmall9.jpeg Click Picture for details Daisy F Large Mixed Breed \n\n\nSetter/Pointer/Shepard mix\n\nKnows Commands - Sit, Down and Roll Over. House Trained. Prefers Male dogs.\n\nBehavior: Food hog. Loves people and plays well with other dogs. \n\nDominant with females. \n\n
daisymerle.jpg Click Picture for details Daisy &# F Large Mixed Breed Loves everyone and LOVES to play fetch. Daisy is very intelligent!
dotty.jpg Click Picture for details Dotty F Small Mixed Breed Terrier/Corgi/Dachund mix\n\nOwner Surrender. Rehabilitated from fear of people and kids\n\nBehavior: Plays with all dogs, but mostly wants to be around humans now \n\n
Click Picture for details Frankie M Small Mixed Breed Puppy shy, but very sweet and loves to play!
goldie.jpg Click Picture for details Goldie F Medium Mixed Breed Calm and sweet. Protective of puppies. She had 10 puppies and loving towards them. Very human friendly.
img0741.jpg Click Picture for details Grace F Medium Mixed Breed Loves to play fetch and loves people of all ages!
icee.jpg Click Picture for details Icee F Medium Mixed Breed Bull Terrier/Pittbull/Dalmatian \n\nAbout: Very timid/submissive. Abandoned with sibling Barba. Had little to no-human contact with humans before being rescued. Barks when with with her brother. Broken trust issues. \n\nBehavior: Territorial over her food bowl, Very shy \n\n
Click Picture for details Joy F Medium Mixed Breed Very sweet, calm and loves other dogs and people of all ages!
/home/brucedil/public_html/barkrescue/_empty_//img3316small9.jpeg Click Picture for details Juno F Medium Mixed Breed American Pit Bull/Terrier Mix \n\nAbout: LOVES kids and people. Very friendly with most dog. \n\n\nBehavior: Reserved and observant. Super chill attitude and loves to cuddle. \n\n
kinsley.jpeg Click Picture for details Kinsley F Medium Mixed Breed Bashful, loves people and to snuggle up next to them all the time! Very sweet!
Click Picture for details Ky F Large Mixed Breed Ky is the whole package! She is so sweet with everyone, including dogs all ages and sizes. She is very calm and independent.
Click Picture for details Leon M Small Mixed Breed Feral and very shy. We are still learning about Leon, but he is going through rehab short sessions.
Click Picture for details Little B F Small Chihuahua Little Bit came in with Buddy. Little Bit loves to cuddle up in blankets with Buddy all the time. Very sweet!