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Welcome to Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels  


BARK Loves Dogs! 

Our mission at BARK is to provide a safe and loving temporary shelter for animals in Bosque County that are lost, abandoned or abused. Lost animals will be returned to their owners; all others will receive a health checkup, recommended shots, be spayed or neutered, and placed in a permanent loving home.  

Our Goal at BARK Rescue 

Our goal is saving lives through adoptions, transporting to other rescue groups, and finding dogs suitable for service work. BARK works to diminish suffering from emotional and physical neglect or abuse by showing love for these deserving creatures and encouraging their self confidence. BARK promotes spay and neuter to reduce pet overpopulation, and provides spay and neuter solutions to pet owners with limited finances. We encourage compassion for all animals, promote responsible pet ownership, and strive to educate everyone we come in contact with about the gift of animals from our Creator.   

We Are So Thankful! 


Meet Our Dogs 

You may use the filter box to search for any piece of information you are looking for. Our powerful search engine will search all data in all columns as well as the rest of the data in the entire dog database.

You can also click on any column heading to display records according to that specific column.  If you click on the column heading a second time you will see the data is reversed.

Thank you for allowing us to help you in your search.

Picture1 Name Sex Size Breed Special Comments
Click Picture for details Moose M Medium Mixed Breed LOVES to play fetch ALL DAY LONG! Very active, friendly and good with people/kids and dogs - especially small breeds.
/home/brucedil/public_html/barkrescue/_empty_//mulansmall11.jpeg Click Picture for details Mulan F Medium Mixed Breed Catahoula/Pitt Mix \n\nOwner Surrendered with Sibling Esmeralda and Mom Alice. \n\nBehavior: Smart and curious. Good puppy demeanor. \n\n
peanut.jpg Click Picture for details Peanut M Small Mixed Breed Very Social and Playful. He’s been in a home and understands home life.
penny.jpg Click Picture for details Penny F Medium Mixed Breed Bashful at first, but stay patient with her and she will show you her personality. Loves hugs and loves to chew on bones, treats and kongs. Plays tug if war and gets super excited. Food driven to be taught any trick!
/home/brucedil/public_html/barkrescue/_empty_//peppesmall9.jpeg Click Picture for details Peppe M Large Mixed Breed German Shepherd/Rottie\n\nIntake with Aladdin & Ariel. One person owner. Recluse and not as social at first with dogs. Prefers to be left alone until he trusts others in his groupings. Learning to socialize. \n\nBehavior: Fence fights right away. Knows his name and can be corrected. Timid, and h
peter.jpg Click Picture for details Peter M Large Mixed Breed Strong and Alpha. Fence fights. Brother to Yondu. HIGH energy. LOVES kids and people. Peter’s best friend is Ranger. Trainable and smart.
phoenix1.jpg Click Picture for details Phoenix F Medium Mixed Breed Phoenix is very dog and people friendly. She loves to play!
/home/brucedil/public_html/barkrescue/_empty_//pipersmall11.jpeg Click Picture for details Piper F Medium Mixed Breed Blood Hound/German Shepard \n\nIntake. Rescued at the Clifton Park roaming free. Malnourished.\nCrate Trained, learning commands.\n\nBehavior: Playful and calm puppy demeanor. Very Submissive. \n\nDoesn’t know her own straight when playing with other dogs!\n\n
plum.jpg Click Picture for details Plum F Medium Mixed Breed Needs socialization, patience and a confidence.
/home/brucedil/public_html/barkrescue/_empty_//rangersmall9.jpeg Click Picture for details Ranger M Large Mixed Breed Hound/Collie mix\n\nBorn at the kennel from Mom Roo with 13 other siblings. He’s a return adoption from a lady who had to take in her sisters little dogs and he was showing negative behavior. \n \nBehavior: Jumps up to hug. Shy, but LOVES women. Loves to lounge in POOLS! Chases butterflies.\n
15ebd42a90d2eda2b878cd3d1f628f4b_razz1.jpg Click Picture for details Razz F Large Mixed Breed Found roaming the streets of Laguna Park. Laid back and playful with all dogs. Very calm demeanor. She can climb out of her kennel but doesn’t go anywhere!
/home/brucedil/public_html/barkrescue/_empty_//img3315small9.jpeg Click Picture for details Rocket M Small Mixed Breed American Bully/Chihuahua \n\nStray dog that came to us with NO manors! \n\nBehavior: Dominant and very vocal. Needs to be corrected and can be mischievous. \n\n
ruby.jpg Click Picture for details Ruby F Medium Mixed Breed Ruby is a gentle, sweet heart who wants nothing more than to cuddle on the couch! She is also adventurous and has the energy to go on hikes, long walks and play fetch.
/home/brucedil/public_html/barkrescue/_empty_//sammyjosmall9.jpeg Click Picture for details Sammy Jo F Medium Mixed Breed Pitt Bull/German Shepard \n\nOwner Surrender couldn’t give attention she needed. House trained, Sensitive to loud environments. Minds well\n\nBehavior: Sweet and kind. Plays well with other dogs.\n\n
Click Picture for details Sandy F Small Mixed Breed More sociable in a pack, independent, food driven, knows how to use doggy door. Very sweet and playful.
sapphire.jpg Click Picture for details Sapphire F Large Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescued off the streets of Waco from the WHS. She has the most gorgeous blue eyes and personality. Loving and playful, her eyes can come off as serious and rigid. She’s the prefect family dog!
stallone.jpg Click Picture for details Stallone M Medium Staffordshire Bull Terrier Happy Go Lucky. Shy but very sweet and warms up fast. Great with all dogs. Leash trained.
/home/brucedil/public_html/barkrescue/_empty_//strikersmall11.jpeg Click Picture for details Striker M Medium Mixed Breed Anatolian/Australian Shepard mix \n\nIntake. \n\nBehavior: He favors certain people, Loves to play with water hose. \nDominant with males at first.\n\n
5629eb276502b183a0c3e2ceda143b8a_striker.jpg Click Picture for details Striker M Medium Mixed Breed Behavior: He favors certain people, Loves to play with water hose. Dominant with males at first.
Click Picture for details Stryker M Large Mixed Breed Stryker is very sweet and loves to begin affection. Stryker would do well in a home with older children or adults. He can be vocal at times, but would prefer to live with a calm, female dog in the home.

BARK Rescue

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