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Welcome to Bosque Animal Rescue Kennels  


BARK Loves Dogs! 

Our mission at BARK is to provide a safe and loving temporary shelter for animals in Bosque County that are lost, abandoned or abused. Lost animals will be returned to their owners; all others will receive a health checkup, recommended shots, be spayed or neutered, and placed in a permanent loving home.  

Our Goal at BARK Rescue 

Our goal is saving lives through adoptions, transporting to other rescue groups, and finding dogs suitable for service work. BARK works to diminish suffering from emotional and physical neglect or abuse by showing love for these deserving creatures and encouraging their self confidence. BARK promotes spay and neuter to reduce pet overpopulation, and provides spay and neuter solutions to pet owners with limited finances. We encourage compassion for all animals, promote responsible pet ownership, and strive to educate everyone we come in contact with about the gift of animals from our Creator.   

We Are So Thankful! 


Meet Our Dogs 

You may use the filter box to search for any piece of information you are looking for. Our powerful search engine will search all data in all columns as well as the rest of the data in the entire dog database.

You can also click on any column heading to display records according to that specific column.  If you click on the column heading a second time you will see the data is reversed.

Thank you for allowing us to help you in your search.

Picture1 Name Sex Size Breed Special Comments
sullivcan.jpg Click Picture for details Sullivan M Large Mixed Breed Do NOT touch his head or grab at him Sully is sweet at needs socialization. He has slow moments. Timid when you grab at his head or corner him. He’s a big teddy bear once you have been around him long enough.
Click Picture for details Sunshine F Medium Mixed Breed Sunshine would be a wonderful family dog. She would prefer lower/medium energy level playdates vs a puppy.
Click Picture for details Sweet Pe F Medium Mixed Breed Hound/German Shepard\n\n\nPUPPY\n\nFound in the streets of Laguna Park \n\n\nBehavior: Laid back. Playful with all dogs. Calm \n\n\n
toba.jpg Click Picture for details Toba M Large Mixed Breed Great with kids. Playful and energetic. Kennel trained, house trained and leash trained. Food Aggressive ****MUST BE FED SEPARATELY
/home/brucedil/public_html/barkrescue/_empty_//tomsawyersmall9.jpeg Click Picture for details Tom Sawy M Medium Mixed Breed PittBull/Hound mix\n\nRescued as a puppy. Dominant with most males. High energy \n\nBehavior: Loves to Cuddle and has a quirky personality. \n*** MUST HAVE a blanket on Kuranda and inside dog house\n*** Loves to sun himself\n
/home/brucedil/public_html/barkrescue/_empty_//triggersmall9.jpeg Click Picture for details Trigger M Medium Mixed Breed Blue Heeler \n\nHe’s trained. Great on a leash and can Heel. Loves kids and most dogs that play nice. \n\nBehavior: Very Playful! He likes to fence fight but can be corrected . \n\nCan be an attention hog. \n
Click Picture for details Walnut M Small Mixed Breed Very friendly and playful. Gets along with other dogs well.
zeus.jpg Click Picture for details Zeus M Large Mixed Breed Loves to give kisses. Timid with people. Loves friendly dogs.

BARK Rescue

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